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Photoshop Elements 9 and Actions

by Erin Peloquin on October 6, 2010 · 37 comments

Photoshop Elements 9 was released about two weeks ago and I’ve been gradually testing the actions I have in it.

I haven’t tested them all yet, but so far, I haven’t encountered any actions that work in PSE 8 that don’t work in PSE 9.  And the installation path and method for installing actions in Elements 9 is exactly the same as elements 8. Click here for the updated PSE action installation instructions.

What else is new in Elements 9?

  • Well, there is a layer mask button. So convenient, but nothing that we couldn’t do for ourselves before, right?
  • Upload directly to Flick, Facebook or personal websites using the Organizer. Do you use the Organizer?  This has the potential to be useful, but I use Lightroom instead of the Organizer myself.
  • The color scheme is much easier for me to read. I judge by my ability to see the properties icon at the top right corner of the various palettes.  This is my single favorite change about the new version!  The top of the two images below comes from PSE 8, set to the “Light” color scheme.  The 2nd image is the default PSE 9 appearance.

Elements also has a few new effects included in the Guided Edit – Perfect Portrait, Pop Art, and the Lomo Camera Effect, among others.  These effects work with varying degrees of success, but you can’t modify them after they’ve run.  You can easily find actions that do a better job and give you more control.

Will you upgrade to PSE 9?

If you’re currently using Elements 7 or 8, there is no need to rush out to purchase PSE 9.  PSE 6?  It’s growing towards obsolescence.  From Surface Blur to Recompose and layer masks, it would be a nice change to move from 6 to 9.  But not necessary by any means.  And surely you’re not still on Elements 5 are you?  You won’t believe the difference!

It’s currently selling for $80 after a $20 mail-in rebate, so the price isn’t bad right now.  The sale ends on October 31.

Vote in the poll over on the right to let us know which version you’re currently using and whether you will upgrade.  And, of those of you who are using PSE 9 already, what is your experience with actions?  Are they all working?

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