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Photo Finishing Options – Stand Out Mount vs. Gator Board

by Erin Peloquin on May 25, 2010 · 4 comments

Not too long ago, I reviewed ColorInc’s Stand Out Mount.  Aside from the perfect photo print quality, I loved that the mount was edged in sturdy black plastic and had holes for hanging on the back.  Here it is, hanging on my wall:

I recently took advantage of a 50% coupon at a local photography store and had them print and mount an image on Gatorfoam, which was their closest option to a stand out mount.  Well, experience is the best teacher, and now I know the difference between Gator board and a stand out.  It’s hard to tell sometimes from website descriptions, so I thought I’d share my experience with you.  Here is the Gatorfoam mount:

The print quality is the same on both images.  However, the stand out was ready to hang when it was delivered to my door.  The Gatorfoam will require a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy hanging hardware.  The black plastic edge on the Stand Out gives it a more finished look.  The Gator board looks like a piece of foam pasted to the back of a photo.  Which it is, of course.  They both are for that matter, but the Stand Out looks better.

ColorInc sells Gatorboard too, and its foam is black.  However, I’ll be ordering Stand Out Mounts from here on, because I like durable mounts that are ready to be hung and don’t require an expensive frame.

Just to let you know, ColorInc is an occasional sponsor of Texas Chicks.  However, they aren’t a current sponsor and don’t even know I’m writing this post!

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