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Free Memory Mate Templates for Sports Photography

by Erin Peloquin on June 7, 2013 · 22 comments

Hello, sportsfans.  Anyone interested in a free memory mate template to put team photos in?

I created this template when I shot a gymnastics academy for 4 days last spring.  Lots of teams, lots of individuals on each team.  The memory mate templates I found online just didn’t work for me – they were busy and graphic-y, and the colors weren’t customizable.  (Interested in learning about my team photography method?  Click the link for a 5 part tutorial.)

This template is very simple – I bet that many of you could make one just like it on your own!  However, when a reader asked last week if I knew of any downloadable templates, I decided to share.

Instructions for downloading the template are at the end of this page.  And here is how you use it:

  • First off, this file is a PSD.  You need Photoshop or Elements to add photos and customize it.
  • It will print as an 8×10 at 300 dots per inch resolution.
  • The download contains two files – one has a horizontal slot for an individual photo, and the other has a vertical slot.  For example, the screen shot above is the horizontal version.  You will need to unzip the download before you can see or use the files.
  • No installation required!  To use it, simply open the file in Elements just like you would any other photo.
  • Add your photos using the Place Command.  Begin by clicking on the layer that says “Place individual (or team) photo above and clip.”  Just click once, so that the layer is active.  Go to the File menu, select Place, and navigate to the location of the photo you’d like to use.  Drag the image over the slot where it will be on the memory mate – you don’t need to be exact here, we will perfect it next.  Click the green check mark to commit.
  • Go to Layer/Create Clipping Mask, or type command/control G.  This clips the photo to the slot, so that the photo only appears within its edges.
  • Put the photo in Free Transform mode by typing command/control T.  Make sure that Constrain Proportions is on – see screen shot below.  In Elements 11, this option is under your workspace.  In prior versions, its above the workspace.
  • Now you have corner sizing boxes – drag them to size the photo as you’d like within the slot.  You can also move the image by clicking and dragging inside to locate it where you’d like.
  • Repeat this process for the other photo.
  • To customize the border size or color, double click on the fx on the right side of the slot layer.  You can adjust the stroke size using the size slider.  Change the color by double clicking on the color box.
  • Or, to turn the border off, remove the check box from the stroke box.
  • Now, customize the rest of the template.  You can change the background color by double clicking on the thumbnail for the “Change Background Color” layer.
  • Use the text tool to add team or player names.
  • Use the Place command, as described above, to place logos, graphics or other clip art.  No need to create a clipping mask for these layers, since there is no slot for them to fit into.
  • After adding your graphic or design elements, turn off the instructional layers to hide them. 
  • The blue, outside border in the example above is not part of the template.  You can create your own border with a Color Fill adjustment layer and a layer mask.  Do a test print first to make sure your border is within the printable margin.
  • Print at the print lab of your choice.  I used MillersMpix is the consumer wing of Millers.  I’ve printed at both and highly recommend them.

All that’s left is for you to download the memory mate templates so that you can get started.  To do so, you need to subscribe to my weekly newsleter.  This is the newsletter that goes out every Friday with a series of articles in it, not the RSS email that comes out each time I post to my blog.  If you are a weekly newsletter subscriber, look on the right side of your newsletter for the words “Download  Free Templates Here.”

If you don’t subscribe to this newsletter, subscribe here.  You will receive an email not only with this template, but also with all of my free actions for Photoshop Elements (and Photoshop too).  And what if you are a subscriber but missed some actions?  Unsubscribe and the re-subscribe.  You will receive an email after re-subscribing with all the free actions.

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