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The Best Black Friday Deals for Photographers

November 28, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday, whether or not you’re in a part of the world that celebrates Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for in my life, and you who are reading this blog are a big part of that. Thank you to each and every one of you! […]

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The Photography Wishlist: 2014

Thumbnail image for The Photography Wishlist: 2014 November 25, 2014

It’s that time of year again – many of us are planning gift lists and wishlists. And those working to improve their photography are thinking about the best black Friday deals – the lens that will create creamier bokeh or the best editing tools for their needs. If you already are a serious photographer, whether a […]

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Got Blown Highlights? Why Lightroom is Better than Elements at Fixing Them

Thumbnail image for Got Blown Highlights? Why Lightroom is Better than Elements at Fixing Them November 21, 2014

Blown highlights make many a photographer say bad words. There is often no way to get great exposure for both our subjects and the sky and clouds in the background. If off camera lighting or reflectors aren’t available to put more light on the face than on the sky, the solution to this shooting conundrum is […]

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Holiday Photo Cards Recipe

Thumbnail image for Holiday Photo Cards Recipe November 19, 2014

It’s time to take those family photos for holiday cards again, right? How many of you are still working on it? Whether you are taking photos only of your own family, or maybe for clients, I hope my tips below help. The Set-Up I used seamless gray paper on my backdrop stand and bought a […]

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Tips for Flattering Headshot Poses

Thumbnail image for Tips for Flattering Headshot Poses November 14, 2014

Poses can make or break a photo session. And when you’re shooting headshots, the pose and the lighting are all you have. Use these tips to make more flattering headshot poses.   Grab a step ladder and shoot from just above eye level. Looking up at the camera does wonders for the chin and neck! […]

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What to Do with Your Kids’ Photos

Thumbnail image for What to Do with Your Kids’ Photos November 13, 2014

We bought my 10 year old a Powershot ELPH for her birthday. And boy, does she love it. You can imagine how much this mama’s heart lit up when she asked me to take her on a photo walk a couple of weeks ago!   She’s taken hundreds, if not thousands, of photos over the past few […]

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Photography Tutorial: Selfie Recipe

Thumbnail image for Photography Tutorial: Selfie Recipe November 7, 2014

If there’s anytime to take a good selfie, I’d say it’s when you have your face painted and hair done for Halloween. Do you agree? Here’s the selfie recipe that worked for me: Lighting: I found a south facing window that indirect light was coming through. By indirect light, I mean that the rising or […]

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Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Correct White Balance

Thumbnail image for Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Correct White Balance November 6, 2014

Correcting white balance in Photoshop Elements – it’s one of the most basic things we do when editing our photos, but unfortunately, Elements doesn’t have a perfect “correct white balance” button or slider.   What is white balance? It’s more accurately referred to as color balance. Photos with poor white balance have a color cast, meaning that […]

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Printing Phone Photos

Thumbnail image for Printing Phone Photos November 5, 2014

Printing phone photos – such an easy process that I do so rarely. Last week, it was time. I’ve got tons of pictures that record great memories, but I never seem to do much with them beyond share them on Facebook. The good thing about my phone photos is that I edit them on my phone, in real […]

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Lightroom: From Desktop to Laptop

Thumbnail image for Lightroom: From Desktop to Laptop October 23, 2014

My next Lightroom workshop begins Monday, October 27. Register now so you don’t miss it! A student who is learning Lightroom with me right now just asked about the best way to use Lightroom on all her devices. It was such a good question that I thought it was worthy of a tutorial on this […]

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Which Edits Does a Photo Need?

Thumbnail image for Which Edits Does a Photo Need? October 10, 2014

Class starts Monday, October 27, 2014! If you want personal help in editing photos like these, learn Lightroom with me! How do you know which edits a photo needs? How do you know when you’ve applied enough of a particular edit? I hear these questions all the time! The problem is that you can google for […]

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Elements 13 Released – Should You Upgrade?

Thumbnail image for Elements 13 Released – Should You Upgrade? October 6, 2014

Click here to learn Elements the best way once you upgrade! It’s that time of the year again – school started, the weather is cooling off, and Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop Elements. This year, we’re up to number 13. Should you upgrade? Keep reading for my take. The Expert photo editing […]

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Last Day to Save on Fall Photo Editing Workshops

Thumbnail image for Last Day to Save on Fall Photo Editing Workshops September 19, 2014

It’s time to make your photos look better and save time. Are you ready to learn what it takes to become a great and efficient editor? I have three classes that will help you do just that. Rather than showing you my own edits or telling you about the classes myself, I’m going to let […]

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Headshots: In-Home Lighting & Backdrop Setup

Thumbnail image for Headshots: In-Home Lighting & Backdrop Setup September 19, 2014

Headshot photography requests have been big for me over the past two summers. Don’t know what it is about summer, but I rarely do headshots during the year. Maybe it’s because indoor photography is the only option in Texas during the summer? Headshots are an easy way to get the word out that you are […]

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